Menstrual Relief Pad

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Say Goodbye To Menstrual Cramps!

There is no reason a natural cycle needs to cause unbearable pain every time it arrives. Our Menstrual relief pads are designed to apply heat and have an optional vibration setting to ease you of the dreadful cramps that come monthly! Apply our pad for just 10 minutes per day to eliminate the pain, and feel better than ever!

Instant Pain Relief

Are you tired of your monthly cycle causing unbearable pain? Medicine doesn’t always help, and it’s no fun being stuck in bed in pain all because of a natural cycle. With our menstrual relief pad, you can eliminate all pains and cramps with its heating and optional vibration settings. Never deal with awful cramps again!

How It Works

Our pad has been designed with graphene heating technology that can quickly provide heat to your body which results in improved blood circulation & relax muscles to guarantee excellent pain relief!

Portable Relief

Our pad can simply fit around your waist with its adjustable strap, and is slim enough to hide under average clothing! This portable period pain relief device will help to incorporate a fast-acting heating pad technology to ease your cramps anywhere, anytime!